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You can rent a dedicated individual analyst or a team that we assemble for your project.
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    Business Analyst
    0 Perform a complete immersion in the specifics of the customer.
    Prepares a description and modeling of the current business processes of the enterprise.
    Documents the requirements of all participants in the business process.
    Formulates the problems of existing methods.
    Decomposes the problems of process participants in the form of specific functionality of an IT solution.
    Prepares proposals for the implementation of an automation system.
    Will develop a specification to launch its own IT development or transfer to production on order.
    Organizes consultation of the project team on issues related to the requirements of the ToR.
    It will help to organize the acceptance of work on the terms of reference.
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    UX analyst
    0 Perform a usability analysis of your website.
    Develop the information architecture of the website.
    Prepare a user experience analysis in the form of a customer journey map.
    Develops behavioral scenarios and visual representations in MindMap.
    Prepares layouts for user interface screens and their states.
    The result of the specialist's work is an analytically substantiated interface prototype.
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    System analyst
    0 Conducts an audit of the existing information architecture.
    Prepare data model diagrams.
    Develop the architecture of the information system.
    Carries out the technical formulation of the development problem
    Implement the requirements for the methodology, designations, and forms of project documentation.
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    WEB analyst
    0 Perform analytics of user behavior on the site.
    We will study the audience's behavior in certain sections of the IT system.
    This will help you select tools and implement analytics for your IT system.
    Set up data collection by departments, teams, and managers.
    Organizes the evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
    Identifies effective and inefficient traffic sources.
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    0 Perform an audit of the area or IT business you are interested in.
    Based on open and closed sources, he will prepare an independent study of the investment attractiveness of a startup.
    Organizes a study of existing IT tools for your task (paid and open).
    Conduct independent audits of other IT teams.

    When might an audit be needed?

    - new technological enterprises that implement a new product in a highly competitive environment, when the struggle for the user is not at the level of marketing budgets but in terms of realized values.
    - If the project has diverging priorities that need to be worked on, several critical areas require attention here and now.
    - If there are no "fresh" ideas that will tell you how to attract or retain users, monetize existing resources or get additional value.
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0001 Expertise

01 0001 Expertise

We can realize any project you wish
But there are some we're doing the best.

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    Development of Technical documentation
    0 More than 70 completed projects to develop technical specifications for mobile applications, CRM systems and WEB services. We really love to understand all the intricacies and nuances of a future project so that the developers and project manager do not have any questions.
    Why is it essential to have technical requirements for a project?

    - Requirements are changing
    It happens that in the process of product realization there are many thoughts that it would be nice to add such functionality or opportunity. Unfortunately, the new requirements entail an increase in development and testing time, this must be taken into account both by the customer and the contractor in order to move along the project schedule.

    - Requirements are not complete
    Many functions and wishes for the system to work, but how the system should work is uncleareration of a particular feature is a sure sign of spending extra time checking and understanding the correctness of behavior.

    - No requirements
    The absence of requirements indicates that it is never clear whether the expected result of the project is achieved or not since there is nothing to compare it with. The absence of a result directly indicates the quality of the work performed unless it can be performed without requirements.
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    Design Prototyping (UX)
    0 We have experience designing the most complex information systems for more than six users with different roles.
    Based on the data about who is the target audience of the product, we will select the optimal solution for the use of space. In the prototype, our specialist will make the UX structure of the future IT system, fill information blocks with content, select informative icons, and make input fields where they are needed. At the output, you will get a block diagram with the functional sections of the site, which will be used to develop an interactive layout and screen design.
    In his work, the UX analyst uses the most modern approaches to interface development, research, tests, hypothesis testing, and Data-Driven frameworks.
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    Actualisation IT documentation
    0 We know how many problems obsolete / not relevant documentation for an IT project can cause.
    - Your team spends a lot of time on new development and bug fixes
    - Leading Developers Become a Bottleneck
    - Users have difficulty without instructions
    - increased load on the support service

    We will take care of updating the technical documentation, user instructions, and internal regulations.
    It's cheaper than hiring analysts!
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    Project management
    0 We know all the existing problems for the development of IT projects. Ready to apply our experience to internal and external teams.
    - we will select and implement all the necessary development tools, from server rental to monitoring systems
    - we will implement flexible methodologies for your tasks and project (Agile, Scrum, Kanban).
    - we organize testing, acceptance of works, and release engineering
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    Design and setting WEB analytics
    0 We are seriously confident that the numbers in the reports are just numbers. For the figures to acquire value, they must be correctly and timely presented for managerial decisions. If you fall asleep after viewing the information in your reports, we are waiting for you.
    We will offer you the following typical works or find out what you need:
    - Research types of users and customers
    - Description and modeling of types of user interaction with the product
    - Identification and documentation of business requirements for data and data tools
    - Analytics of available data, audit of the system of logging and storage of information
    - Description of data usage models, as well as the possibility of monetization
    - Forming a proposal for the implementation of a data management system (solution concept)
    - Writing specifications to launch their own IT development or transfer to production on order.
    - Consultation of the project team on issues related to requirements
    - Acceptance of work and customer satisfaction analytics
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    Mobile Apps
    0 More than 100 completed projects will tell you about our expertise better than any words:
    - We fully implement your idea of developing a mobile application for iOS or Android from concept to monetization.
    - We collect requirements
    - Testing hypotheses with you
    - Make a list of functions for MVP
    - We will develop interface layouts
    - We will assemble a development team or agree on an external or internal contractor
    - We will publish your application in the AppStore or Play Market
    - We will set up advertising campaigns to attract the first users and implement mobile analytics tools
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    CRM systems
    0 We love to organize data and develop tools for convenient work with them. Any CRM system is a comprehensive tool for several participants, each of which performs its role in the overall business process. The overall success of the enterprise depends on how convenient a tool you use. We are quite familiar with such areas as:
    - e-commerce
    - reteal
    - logistics
    - HR
    - telecommunication
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    WEB servises
    0 Does your idea work on the "Uber" or "marketplace" model?
    We have answers to many questions that you probably started to think through, for example:
    - How much does such a solution cost?
    - How to choose a team with the right competencies?
    - which servers will be needed and how much?
    - which is better, take 3 full stack developers or 1 senior architect developer?
    We will most likely try to dissuade you from making second Facebook or Instagram, but we will do it with reason!
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1010 Difference

01 This things
makes us 0001 difference

0 From 2012 to 2019, we received significant expertise working in various fields and areas of IT. You will save the budget because we will spend less time on the implementation of your project. We use best practices from past projects. Your solution perhaps is ready!

  • 0 User goals. This is a basic rule that defines the relationship policy within the company and when communicating with the client. Any idea should, first of all, solve the problem of the end customers. The goal of users will get rid of these problems, and the goal of our customers' business is to offer suitable methods or tools for solving problems. In such a simple scheme, we are a buffer that offers the best, in our opinion, a solution to user problems using the product.

    0 Client goals. This is the second basic rule that we focus on in project implementation. . Everything we do should be the goal of achieving the client's goals and not otherwise. If in the process of work, we understand that a project or idea is contrary to the client's purposes and may incur additional costs that will never pay off - we will tell you this even if we incur a loss from the loss of the order. We believe that helping the client find a reliable partner whose success will ensure long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation.

  • Our products are the result of the intellectual activity of many people, in whose heads invaluable experience has accumulated, which has taken shape, methods in order to scale in different areas of the business with only one goal - to bring results.

    0 In our work we always try to achieve small results, often and systematically, to ensure "transparency" for the customer and avoid unnecessary work. We focus our products, first of all, on young businesses, whose focus and priorities are changing enough quickly , like the situation on the market, we consider the speed of obtaining information and making decisions - this is a great advantage and privilege available to not many.

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Requirements collection();

We analyze the goals and objectives of your project, as well as the planned set of functions of the future system

At this stage, we accurately assess the amount of work with agree on the time and cost of work with you.

We are supporters of the Agile methodology. At each stage, we discuss your needs as thoroughly as possible and connect you to the discussion of emerging issues. Schedule time for this on your calendar.
Development requiriments();

We describe the sections and functions of the application. We develop the main and alternative scenarios of the system, coordinate, make corrections to the full satisfaction of the result.

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